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aCkTiF Solutions is part of the aCkTiF Group and a leading provider of services in Investigation, Training, Forensic Accounting, Fraud Prevention strategies and Legal.

Our people have more than 90 years experience in these areas in Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe and South East Asia.

Coming from senior positions with a "big 4" international practice and from law enforcement backgrounds, we are interested to maintain services in these areas but wish to make the service personalised and responsive to the particular needs of our clients. We are very conscious of potential brand and reputational damage.

Our philosophy is to become an integral part of the team, working with the client ensuring the client remains in control to resolve the matter and to follow it through to resolution.

Glenn W Birrell 
Managing Director
He has had over twenty-one years policing experience in the Victoria Police Force prior to commencing an investigative company in November 2001. He was awarded a National Medal, a National Police Service Medal and Victoria Police 15 & 20 year medals for ethical conduct.

The last eleven years of his policing career were performed in operational and supervisory roles. Seven of those years were as a Detective Sergeant at the Major Fraud Group. He has had extensive experience in all facets of investigation specialising in large and complex fraud matters requiring intricate planning.

His interest expanded from providing solutions after the event to initiating prevention strategies. His focus has been on the identification of areas in the government, private and corporate sectors requiring improvement and the implementation of risk management strategies to reduce their vulnerability to fraud and the overall culture or attitude to misconduct and dishonesty.

He has delivered lectures at tertiary institutions and regularly addresses seminars on fraud, fraud prevention and other related topics as well as being the author of articles on the subject.

He has developed a unique Corporate Governance, Risk Management & Compliance Process (referred to as the CRC Strategy) to assist company directors to meet their obligations under Australian Corporations Law and Auditing Standards. Central to the CRC Strategy is the development and implementation of a fraud control plan.

In the last twenty plus years, he has undertaken numerous significant corporate investigations around Australia and overseas, provided pro-active tailored anti fraud strategies to organisations and conducted training workshops programs for diverse organisations.

His investigation experience showed that notification by employees and external stakeholders are the most effective means of fraud and misconduct detection and a reporting mechanism should form part of any fraud or culture strategy.

He is a strong believer that the buck stops equally with the organisation and the individual which led him to develop and provide organisations with access to a whistleblower system, Your Call Whislteblowing Solutions.

Your Call was proudly an Australian first to use a truly Web based Solution (server to server) in addition to, if required, the traditional telephone service to receive secure, external and independent disclosures about dishonesty, fraud, unethical and other inappropriate behaviour in the workplace or in respect of business relationships and transactions.​


Graduate Certificate in Fraud Investigation

Certificate IV in Investigative Services

Certificate IV in Government Fraud Control Services


Member of the Australian Institute of Professional Investigators (AIPI)


Private Security Individual Licence (Investigator)

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