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  • Experienced in all facets of investigations specialising in large and complex matters involving fraud, corporate and commercial crime

  • Conduct delicate and confidential investigations into complaints made by whistleblowers

  • Undertake sensitive workplace bullying and harassment investigations

  • Assessment of forensic evidence, i.e. fingerprints, handwriting, financial records and documents

  • Compilation of complex and lengthy affidavits

  • Implementation of investigative operations with a strategic focus and necessary resources e.g. surveillance, computer forensics, data analytics

  • Developing and implementing Investigation Plans

  • Search and Seizure of Evidence in the execution of Anton Piller Orders

  • Collation of Evidence into appropriate database structures

  • Security and continuity of evidence

  • Briefing and preparation of referrals to external agencies or bodies on investigations

  • Preparation of evidence for prosecution purposes (civil and criminal), insurance claims or management reporting

  • Data Analytics & Visualisation

  • Conducting focused interviews with suspected individuals or regarding specific issues

  • Obtaining detailed and complex witness statements

  • Preparing witnesses for court appearances

  • Attending at and giving of evidence in courts and tribunals



  • Designing and delivering specialist training programs including theory and practical tuition on law, investigation and procedures

  • Development and implementation of fraud prevention, detection and control training/workshops

  • Development of investigation training manuals including basic principles of investigation, the law, interviews of witnesses and suspects

  • Designing and conducting specialist training programs in Whistleblowing: Roles & Responsibilities, Occupational Health & Safety and other statutory responsibilities

  • Co-ordinating case management for handling suspicious or criminal behaviour

  • Planning, Organising and Managing Complex Projects involving Investigation, Surveillance, Forensics, Pre-employment and Pre-transaction Screening, Security (Physical) and Security Systems

  • Forensics including Computers, Mobiles, Tablets, Data Analysis, Fingerprinting Handwriting & DNA

  • Whistleblower Confidential Alert Line

  • Policy Development including Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Control Policy, Bullying and Harrassment Policies, Whistleblower Policy etc

  • Employment Screening

  • Business Intelligence

  • Security Systems

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